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The Game

Your freedom. In your hands

Questroom is a new exciting live escape game in which you need to pool your combined skills to solve problems and unravel mysteries. It will hold you captive, unless you work as a team to earn your freedom.

You are sealed in a cell. There is no way out. As you look around, you notice that scattered around you is evidence that others have been here before. They must have escaped! But how? Looking closer, there are clues which will lead you back to the outside world.

You have 60 minutes.

Spend that time wisely. Every inch of the cell can be concealing a step to escape, and you and your fellow inmates need to use your different abilities and talents together.

You can’t escape alone!



What is QuestRoom

QuestRoom is a real-life escape game where teams of two to six players have to race against time to escape from a locked room ...or a series of rooms, using only logic and teamwork.

How many people can play

We only accept bookings for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 people – all working together.

However, if there are only 2 of you, you don’t have to miss out; it’s just a lot more challenging!


Games and instructions are always changing, so please arrive on time with your friends, family or colleagues to avoid delaying other questers! Please be aware that our reception area has limited space so you early birds might need to wait outside.

Each session lasts 60 minutes, but we allow for a couple of extra minutes before each session to run through rules and instructions.

Age limits

Children over 9 years of age are welcome to join in, but must be accompanied by adults until they reach the age of 15. This requirement is in place largely because of the game’s complexity.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available.
Please call us on 0759 2903 805 to find out more.


QuestRoom ticket prices start from £19 per person and vary depending on team sizes and peak times. Please have a look at our booking page to find out more.


Most of your challenges involve brainpower and combined team thinking, but there are some slightly more physical elements. As a result, we recommend that at least one member of your team has no mobility restrictions. Those of you facing the challenge on crutches won’t be too disadvantaged at all, but we regret to confirm that the rooms are not suitable for wheelchair users.

There is background music throughout, as well as sound effects to alert questers to electronic clues. Regretfully, we cannot offer access to a hearing assistance system during the game, so we’d advise that at least one quester in your team is not affected by hearing difficulties. The lighting level is medium in all game rooms and reception.

Please let us know of your specific requirements when booking your tickets so we can make your QuestRoom experience best suit your requirements.

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